Stern-Technology Center

The modern Stern-Technology Center is an expression of our passion for developing new products and optimizing each one until it is ready for everyday use. With over 3,000 square metres of applications laboratories, the centre is unique in size and equipment for a company independent of the major international enterprises.

The group’s research and technology departments are housed under one roof in a central facility to promote the transfer of know-how. Joint work on an interdisciplinary basis and a view “beyond the horizon” are part of our daily business.

Enzyme laboratory

Can enzymes work miracles?

Yes, they can. Enzymes are biocatalysts, and their use is essential for certain reactions. All the experts in the laboratories at our Stern-Technology Center collaborate closely in order to create enzyme systemsthat reduce energy – and thus cut costs – by triggering, simplifying or speeding up reactions.

  • Bioreactor
  • Centrifuges
  • Freeze-dryer
  • Microfiltration and ultra-filtration

Trial bakery

Can flours and successful baking processes be standardized?

Yes, they can. We optimize the quality of flours and develop functional systems for a diversity of bread specialities and pastry goods.

  • Ovens for different baking techniques
  • Climate simulation
  • Freezers
  • Computer-controlled parallel kneading machine

Milling laboratory

Can you test the baking properties of wheat before you buy it?

Yes, you can. In our pilot mill, wheat samples can be ground under simulated production conditions even before the wheat is bought. The flour is then analyzed and subjected to baking trials so that we can develop the flour improvers needed in each specific case.

  • Automatic grinder, MLU 202
  • Rheological laboratory
  • Trial bakery

Rheological laboratory

Can doughs be inflated?

Yes, they can. In our rheological laboratory we investigate the many aspects of deformation and extension. For that we have a range of equipment that covers all the typical preferences of countries around the globe.

  • Special dough rheology equipment
  • Rheometers
  • Viscometers

Flavour laboratory

Are there flavourings with practical experience?

Yes, there are – and we have them! Since we have several pilot units for the production of convenience foods, we can test all the flavourings and flavour pastes developed by us immediately, in the finished product, and adjust them to customers’ requirements.

  • Pilot units for bakery products
  • Sensory testing studio
  • Gas chromatography